Mediation and arbitration

We deal with any disputes with your business partner and employees and any third parties, a convenient and time-saving way of handling your matters as there is no need for you to wait for your case to be scheduled for the court agenda.

With an independent licensed mediator involved providing assistance ways to resolve a dispute are actively sought and found. Proceedings are not public and are conducted orally. Parties do not draft any proposal; they meet around a negotiating table instead.  Resulting mediation agreements are always in written form. Depending on the circumstances and parties’ preferences, it can be submitted to court for approval to become enforceable.


If a client is asked to participate in mediation proceedings and an experienced mediation professional by their side makes them feel safe, we are prepared to accompany the client. 

In legal disputes we follow the Collaborative Law/Collaborative Practice method to resolve them – see www.collaborativelaw.cz.

We provide our clients with comprehensive arbitration and industrial rights protection services and advisory services on any legal aspect that might arise in relation to commercial and investment arbitration. 

In legal disputes we seek to find the best resolution for our clients. We assist them to settle disputes amicably as this is usually the most efficient way in terms of both cost and time. If such resolutions are not possible, we represent clients in court in the Czech Republic. In the event of disputes taking place abroad, we arrange for legal representation through our international colleagues we work with.

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